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With another nice one, smoothness bleeds out the vocals of this here Jah messenger. Coming through with many new pieces and collaborations, including the likes of Bob Andy, Naptali, Mark Wonder, U-Roy and more, “The Qabalah Man” emits a cool sound sure to ease any vibrations.

While the production of the album as a whole may feel slightly “busy” and possibly overwhelming at times with the multitude of elements present, the fire in Luciano’s voice binds it all together for a proper delivery. In general, the track list runs quite consistently, though a few stand outs are “Create Our History” with Bob Andy, “Black Man Government” with Naptali, and “Weapons of War”. Another tune worth mentioning is “Tribute to Dennis Brown”, simply for the respect it offers to the general. Certain melodies, such as the chorus in “Organize” with U-Roy and Ziggi Ricardo, will also ring with familiarity in the ears of devotees. Expectedly, consciousness remains omnipresent throughout the entirety of the piece.

Overall, this is an album one could boom on the sound system to confidently get the blood flowing. While it may not set the charts ablaze, Luciano stands firm with consistency in his work with “The Qabalah Man”.

Ites up,