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                YES, in 2012 Hugh Beresford Hammond is still coming in hotter than a bowl of steaming dumplings, almost as if 1976 was creeping right under your bed. Indeed, it is the second decade of the 21st century and Beres still shatters all anticipations with the likes of the 20-track deep creature called One Love, One Life. Summer time vibrations are felt thoroughly when the album is plugged in, with each tune depicting the scene of a man savouring a sweet riddim after having marched through the studio doors with soulful intentions. It has even been said that Hugh produced the record in its near entirety, further legitimatizing his affectionately given status of “legend”.

                It nearly goes without saying that “No Candle Light” along with the unexpected tag team combo “I Humble Myself” (featuring Samantha Strachan) command the right to remain in heavy rotation as part of the daily morning uplift sessions.  Along with spewing feel good waves towards the people, One Love, One Life boasts Beres’ innate ability to maintain factory-like productivity by continuously stacking classic after classic over the decades. Give this album a listen and life will taste that much better. TRUTH!

 Felix Yuan