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                Despite his physical departure from this world, Matthew McAnuff’ studio album Be Careful has sweetened the summer of 2013. Upon first exposure, before the youthful yet collected vocals even reach the walls of the ear drum, the sheer musicianship on each and every track pierces the soul – a manifestation of the veteran experience and cohesion stirred in this pot. Various other potent ingredients, such as the accordion-sounding melodica or the regular piano, add even more dimensions to these tunes.

                Be Careful brings forth the potential in McAnuff’s abilities, which could have very well propelled him within the established ranks of Jah army. While many of his verses may sound familiar to those who regularly dwell in the pools of roots reggae, songs such as “Jah Bless”, “Trod On”, or even the title track “Be Careful” ring with nice idiosyncratic tendencies.

The vibrations here are most definitely good!

Felix Yuan