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This time, we are talking about Protoje’s album “The 8 Year Affair” released in February of 2013. Yes it may be a little out dated, but this man’s contributions to the reggae music scene of today should be recognized. This album has a wide variety of sounds and vibes throughout the whole album, blending roots reggae with hip-hop and pop sound. Giving it a more modern look at how reggae music has progressed over the years. The record starts out with the title track “8 Year Affair” the lyrics combine hints to a tribute to some of his heroes such as Hugh Mandell, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Jacob Miller. “I&I” shows a more “to the roots” groove and showcases his beliefs for the Rastafarian culture.

From tunes like “Kingston Be Wise” talking about the struggles Kingston is facing to soulful ballads like “Someone like You” featuring the amazing vocals from Tessanne Chin to “Hail Ras Tafari” which speaks about the highly noted Haile Selassie. This album displays a wide variety of melodies, vibes and conscious upbringing, and really shows how reggae is evolved from when we lost Bob Marley back in 1981. Protoje has showcased what may be his best album so far...