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            With roots reggae music at the helm when it comes to the propagation of its words of positivity in this day and age, its predecessors are not to be left on the shelf. Though the quick tempo ska has received considerable attention and regard, the intermediate form of the two hailing from the 1960’s, rocksteady, is often overlooked. Thus, Mr. Riley attempts to shine light in its corner in this 21st century.

            Digging up grooves and rhythms from the era, Tarrus and backups season these with modern day vocals, which, together with sound effects and skits, bring about a flavour not necessarily reminiscent of the days of the USSR. This should be not be confused as a bad thing, since it is this novelty which emits the sweet aroma of the album. The overall feel is further developed with the presence of elders (U-Roy, Big Youth and sax-master Dean Frazer) as well as other lions (Konshens, Whippa Demus and Mr. Cheeks of the Lost Boyz) on feature tracks

Upon riding this album, one may experience familiar vibes in terms of the revisited melodies of a past generation (John Holt’s “Strange Things” in “Cum Get Your Ish”, The Melodians’ “I Will Get Along Without You” in “Cry No More” and Alton Ellis’ “Big Bad Boy” in “Lost For Words” amongst others) though a more recent refreshment is served with the likes of “One Drop Remix”, a version of Tarrus’ original “Gimmer Likkle One Drop” from 2012.

Give this one whirl, good energy will flow!