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Love you more. Kevin Anthony Jackson, aka Sanchez, announces it all with the tittle of his new album. One thing for sure, he did not give up on his trademark and is truly inspired by love, which is what we've come to enjoy from him throughout the years. Indeed, without a surprise, his street lover style is present all over this opus. Furthermore, we retrieved a few already known songs, which is part of the particular art of this talent-challenged cover singer. Amongst them we can find – ‘Love TKO’, and ‘In My Time’, two very smooth and familiar Sanchez-esque tracks signed by Teddy Pendergrass; the latter being part of the amazing R&B songbook Sanchez is known for putting his flow on. His recognizable emotional vocals are also present on some other R&B covers on this album, such as ‘Caravan of Love’ from Jasper Isley and on The Spinners's hit ‘How could I let you get away’.

To my disppointment, only two tracks on that opus really stood out to my ears, ‘How Could I Let You Get Away’ and Richard Marx's ‘Right Here Waiting’, where Sanchez's honeyed and mellow voice gives a sweet trippy tone to two worldwide loved instrumentals.

Love You More’ is somehow expected given Sanchez romantic style. To sum it up, it's not a bad album at all, it's just nothing new, which got me a bit bored by the end of this 12-track opus, which fortunately closes-off on an amazing cover. The declarations of love and few well-worked covers were already known through the artist's past albums. A little too light.

Loyal fans should be easy to please and new listeners will board on the love boat for a soft cruise on the waves of romance. No need to wear your life jacket though, you most likely won't fall off.